UK Tightens Student Visa Application

The United Kingdom will be implementing tougher rules regarding the issuance of student visas to control usage abuse, announced Alan Johnson, Home Secretary, Sunday, February 7.ENTRY-CLEARANCE-STICKER

About 30% of people who arrive in UK hold student visas, some of which are adults, taking short courses only.

The new rules were designed to cut tens of thousands of student visas and protect jobs for British youngsters. It will not require legislation and will take effect immediately.

Here are some of the rules taking effect:

  • Pass English in a level below GCSE (meaning as a foreign language not like the current level of beginners)
  • Dependents will not be allowed for students taking up courses less than six months.
  • Dependents of students taking up below-degree level will not be allowed to work.
  • Students with below-degree level courses will only be allowed to work for 10 hours a week instead of 20

The UK insists that it is still open for students who arrive in the country for legitimate studying. UK is the second most popular choice for higher education.