Ultra Rare NES Game Fetches $13,000 on eBay

Stadium-Events-coverAn old game console handed a mother an amount of $13,105. The real reason for the price however is a very rare game that was bundled with it.

A Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was sold on eBay by a mother from Haw River, North Carolina. She was rummaging though her kids’ old things in the basement and found the console with five games. She put it on her eBay account (account name lace_thongs35) last February 3 with a price of $9.99.

Within hours, the price shot to $5,000 until it finally closed February 10 at $13,105.

What are those five games?

They are: TMNT II: The Arcade GameSuper Mario Bros 3MLB, the combo Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt cartridge and the reason for the high price, the ultra rare title called Stadium Events.

Stadium Events was released by Bandai in 1986 for Japan, 1987 for North America and 1988 for Europe. It is believed that there are only around 10 copies left for this game. It is ranked 6th in the list Holy Grails of Console Game Collecting. It’s a list covering all gaming systems in all countries.

A report by NBC indicates that the box of the game itself is worth $10,000.