UN Haitian Mission Team among Earthquake Victims

A total of 16 officials are confirmed dead from the mission team of the United Nations in Haiti after a terrible earthquake that rocked the Caribbean country, Tuesday, January 12. Around 150 members are still unaccounted for, all of whom are feared to be dead.hedi-annabi-un-haiti-mission-team-head

The mission team was staying in Christopher Hotel in the capital Port-au-Prince. Rescuers continue to dig the building’s wreckage. Included in those missing are mission head Hedi Annabi of Tunisia (pictured at left) and his chief deputy Luis Carlos da Costa.

Annabi’s predecessor Edmond Mulet, will go back to Port-au-Prince to act as interim mission head.

“It’s clear a high number of them might be dead,” said top UN official Alain Le Roy.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and his top officials said from the world body’s headquarters in New York that the earthquake is in position to become the worst day in the organization’s 64-year history.

Previous records for the United Nations include the 44 Ghanian peacekeepers killed in Congo in 1961 and the 22 officials and guests who died at the UN headquarters suicide bombing in Baghdad last August 2003.