UN Watchdog: Iran has Capacity to Make Nuclear Weapons

The International Atomic Energy Agency has warned that Iranian scientists have overcome the biggest technical hurdle to producing nuclear weapons after they manufactured more than 20 kilograms of 20-percent purity uranium.

The UN nuclear watchdog said in a report that raising the purity of uranium to 90 percent, when it can be used to arm warheads, is a relatively easy process. UN experts believe that 20 kilograms of high purity uranium would be enough to make nuclear weapon. Iran currently has 22 kilograms, according to the IAEA.

The advancement of the Iranian nuclear program comes despite the imposition of new economic sanctions against the Middle Eastern state. Iran has also refused to cooperate with the IAEA, the UN watchdog said. IAEA inspectors said Tehran has refused to answer questions about its alleged attempts to make a nuclear warhead. Iran also blocked two inspectors back in June. The IAEA said it is “concerned that the repeated objection to the designation of experienced inspectors hampers the inspection process and detracts from the agency’s ability to implement safeguards in Iran.”