Underwood Has Super Bowl Singing Jitters

American Idol season 4 winner and multi-awarded singer Carrie Underwood admits that she is nervous regarding singing the US national anthem on Sunday’s Super Bowl game.Carrie-Underwood

At the pre-Super Bowl press conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the 26 year old entertainer said that she is having the jitters singing in the biggest stage in American sports.

“My biggest fear is the words. Of course you know the words. But if you’re going to mess up, that’d be the time, right?” she said.

Joining her at the conference is Queen Latifah who will render America the Beautiful at the big night between New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts.

Latifah and Underwood performed their own rendition of Pants on the Ground which shot to fame after it was performed by overqualified 62 year old Larry Platt at the Atlanta auditions of the ninth season of American Idol.

Regarding the patriotic song, Underwood, said that the youth could learn a lot from the song, She said that as a songwriter, it is an achievement to compose something that is catchy and has a message. She however joked that the youth should learn from the song while their pants are pulled up.