Unique Apple is Half Red, Half Green Right Down The Middle


Ken Morrish, a fruit grower in southwestern England, used to be a painter, but he was not at all responsible for the curious color combination of one of the Golden Delicious apples he recently picked from his yard. The million to one apple, which is half red, half green right down the middle (as shown here), is actually a probable result of a genetic mutation that experts say is extremely rare.

According to Jim Arbury, a fruit superintendent based in Surrey, the occurrence “is known as a chimera where one of the first two cells has developed differently giving rise to one half of the apple being different.”

Morrish, a 72-year-old resident of Colaton Raleigh, Devon, is overwhelmed by the attention his unique fruit has generated. People are dropping by his house and lining up to take pictures of the apple. “It’s truly amazing,” he said, “I couldn’t believe my eyes. The red and green split through the stem is totally perfect–-as if I’ve painted it.”

[Image via Jorge Elias/Flickr]