US Announces Major Aid Projects for Pakistan

Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portraitThe United States announced a 7.5 billion dollar development project aid package for Pakistan.

The announcement came from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Monday, July 19. It is geared towards helping the country’s power and water shortage. In fact, two hydro-electric dams are included in the projects.

The project was approved by US Congress last year via the Kerry-Lugar-Berman Act. It will ensure that the development aid will be implemented in the next five years.

The former first lady said that the US wants to show that they also care for ordinary Pakistan citizens. The US wants to build more trust between the countries as anti-American sentiments are well-known in Pakistan.

Investments will also be made to expand credit for small and medium-sized businesses in the amount of 100 million dollars. Another 50 million dollars will be allocated to investments in innovation and technology projects.

There are also projects allocated for irrigation and creation of health centers.