US Elections: Republicans Take House, Dems Retain Senate Control

US-Elections-2010The Democrats were crushed by the Republicans in the battle for control of the House of Representatives on Tuesday’s midterm elections, giving a big blow to US President Barack Obama as he enters the second half of his term.

However, Democrats retained their slim majority in the Senate, ensuring that Obama will still have the support of one of the two national legislative bodies. Sen. Harry Reid led the victory march for the Democrats in the Senate battle, where Obama’s allies won 51 seats compared to the Republicans’ 46. It was a different story in the House of Representatives, where GOP candidates won 240 seats against the Democrats’ 184. The House results mean Speaker Nancy Pelosi will lose her position, with Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio her likely successor.

Boehner said in a speech to supporters that the poll results send a strong message to Obama that it is time to “change course.” “The American people have sent an unmistakable message to him tonight, and that message is, change course,” Boehner said.