US House Repeals Obama Health Care Law

As expected, the GOP-led House of Representatives moved to repeal US President Barack Obama‘s health care reform law approved last year, the first defeat for the White House since its mid-term elections debacle late last year.

The House repeal was approved via a 245-189 vote, with all Republicans in the lower house of Congress seeing it proper to throw out the health care reform implemented by the White House. Three Democrats crossed party lines to vote for the repeal. Next stop for the law is the Senate floor, where the Democrats are expected to block the repeal having maintained their slim majority in the upper house. Obama has also vowed to veto any act of Congress to repeal the health care law, which Republicans say would raise taxes and allow government to take over the health care system. GOP lawmakers also see the law as a bane to employment.

Although the repeal would certainly fail in the Senate, GOP lawmakers are expected to force a debate on some of the more unpopular parts of the law, including the health insurance mandate.