US Judge Suspends Military Open Gay Policy

Gay-MilitaryThe federal judge who ruled last month that the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy currently prevailing upon gay military personnel as unconstitutional, has imposed a nationwide suspension over the guideline.

US District Judge Virginia Phillips said that the policy, which allows gay people to serve in the military but will face expulsion if their sexual orientation becomes known openly, violates the first amendment to the US constitution.

The federal government and the Department of Justice have 60 days to appeal, something that is not seen to happen. President Barack Obama and some military leaders have called for the repeal of the policy. The Senate last month failed to make a legislative countermeasure for the scheme.

The policy was imposed in 1993 under the Bill Clinton administration. It was a compromise act to overturn back then the ban on admitting gay people to the military service.

Other nations, such as the United Kingdom and Israel, allow gay people to openly serve in their military forces.