US Military to Accept Openly Gay Applicants

Recruitment stations for the United States Armed Forces were informed that they can already accept openly gay applicants following a decision by a federal court judge barring the implementation of the “don’t ask, don’t tell (DADT) policy”.

The stations, however, are not allowed to ask applicants if they are gay or lesbian. An applicant who openly admits on his or her own initiative will be processed like  any other applicant.

dont-ask-dont-tellRecruiters are told to advice applicants who will admit they are gay, that it is probable that the court decision might be reversed and that the DADT policy may be reinstated.

Gay activist groups said that they might send people to enlist to check the validity of this announcement.

The federal government has already asked Judge Virginia Phillips to reverse her decision stating that even though they believe that the DADT policy should be repealed, it has to be done by legislature.

Phillips refused the request. She stated in her ruling that the DADT policy is against the US Constitution. A previous attempt to repeal the policy failed last September at the US Senate.