US reporter manages to escape Afghan captors


A US reporter managed to escape the Taliban compound where he has been held since he was abducted last year, reports say.

New York Times reported David Rohde managed to escape with an Afghan journalist who was abducted with him last November. Together, they scaled the wall of the compound in Pakistan’s North Waziristan region where they were being held, with the aid of a Pakistani army scout.

Rohde, along with his companion Tahi Ludin, were abducted along with an Afghan driver who was accompanying them, last November 10 by Afghan militants while they were in the vicinity of Kabul, the Afghan capital. Rohde relates that their third companion is still being held.

Kristen Mulvihill, Rohde’s wife, expressed sincere gratitude to the US government for the recent developments, and just wish that she can be reunited with her husband as quietly as possible. Mulvihill and Rohde have been married for only nine months, seven of which were months when Rohde was in captivity.