US Senate Approves $1.1 Trillion Budget for 2010

The US Senate on Sunday passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill for 2010. The bill is now waiting for President Barack Obama’s

The vote won by 57-35 was mostly backed by Democrats. It is needed to succeed an existing funding resolution that will expire this Friday, December 18. The bill, passed on an unusual Sunday session, was also prioritized so as to give more time on the debate for the much anticipated health care bill.

The bill, which unifies all six separate appropriations acts into a single measure, covers federal budget for most departments including Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, Veterans Affairs, State, Commerce, Justice, Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation.

The Republicans are contesting the bill as it will increase national deficits by increasing department budgets by 10%. The Democrats are saying that they were only augmenting budgets to the departments that were neglected during the term of President George W. Bush, a Republican.