US Soldiers Prep to Attack Taliban Lair in Marjah, Afghanistan

All exit points in the town of Marjah, Afghanistan, have been blocked as American troops set the stage for a major offensive against the Taliban. U.S., NATO, and Afghan soldiers have been preparing for the attack over the past days. Reports said Taliban rebels have been firing rocket launchers and mortars in an effort to disturb the military buildup.

Capt. Joshua Winfrey of the Lima Company said the insurgents, numbering over 1,000, are trying to lure the International forces into engaging in skirmishes before the expected full-blown battle takes place. American troops believe the Taliban fighters have planted bombs and landmines in roads and fields around the town.

The town is considered one of the strongholds of the Taliban. US and Afghan soldiers have been deployed in major exit points to prevent the rebels from escaping. Taliban officials have dismissed the Marjah offensive as nothing but propaganda designed to make it appear as if the NATO forces are winning the 9-year-old war.