US Supreme Court Nominee Lacks Judging Experience

elene-kaganPresident Barack Obama announced his nominee for the next Supreme Court justice Monday, May 10.

Elena Kagan, 50, is the 45th Solicitor General of the United States. She previously held the position as White House Counsel during the administration of former President Bill Clinton and Dean, the first woman to do so, of Harvard Law School.

She will be replacing retiring justice John Paul Stevens.

The criticism for her appointment is that she lacks experience as a judge.

The last time a justice was nominated to the position without prior experience as a judge was in 1972 when William Rehnquist was nominated by former President Richard Nixon.

If Kagan succeeds to Stevens, she will become the 112th Supreme Court justice. It will also mean that the highest court in the Protestant dominated country will have an all Roman Catholic and Jewish membership. She will also be the third woman in the current court setup.