US Supreme Court to Decide Violent Video Games Law

game-consolesThe scope of the United States constitutional provision ensuring freedom of speech is reaching far and wide. The nation’s Supreme Court is set to decide whether laws that prohibit the sale of violent video games, especially those that feature maiming, killing and sexual assault, to minors are unconstitutional.

Seven states have similar, current laws that prohibit the selling of such games to youngsters are Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Washington and California. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the California law in 2005.

However, the video gaming industry filed a case in the courts and a federal judge enforced the blocking of the implementation of the law. They believe the law undermines the freedom of speech as guaranteed by the constitution.

The lower and federal courts ruled in favor of the video gaming industry.

The case, named Schwarzenegger v. Video Software Dealers, will be reviewed by the highest court in US come fall.