USB drives installed in walls around New York

USB Dead Drops in New York

What you see here is Aram Bartholl’s latest project called Dead Drops. Basically it’s a ‘glory hole’ for your computer where people can anonymously share files offline, like that guy over there. Bartholl, a digital and conceptual artist from Berlin, embedded five USB drives into walls around NYC and invited people to download from or upload files to them.

Current locations (more to follow) include: 87 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn (Makerbot), Empire Fulton Ferry Park, Brooklyn (Dumbo), 235 Bowery (New Museum), Union Square (Subway Station 14th St), and West 21st Street (Eyebeam).

Just make sure that you have protection before sticking a USB in your slot.

USB Dead Drops New York

USB Dead Drops New York

[Dead Drops via Gizmodo]