Users Ignore Quit Facebook Call

A group’s call on people to kill their Facebook accounts fell on deaf ears as only a small number of users joined the “Quit Facebook Day” on Monday. Organizers, who called for the protest move over privacy issues, said close to 33,000 users have removed their accounts on the social networking site, a small number considering that Facebook has about 400 million active users worldwide.

The group’s call comes amid Facebook’s overhaul of its privacy controls, which have been under fire from users and experts alike. “Quit Facebook Day” organizers said the social networking site has not been fair in giving users control of the data exchanged on Facebook. “Facebook gives you choices about how to manage your data, but they aren’t fair choices,” the group said.

Facebook redesigned its privacy settings in its latest round of security tweaks. Users can now more easily control the content of their Facebook changes under the new settings. The site also reduced the amount of data that is always visible to all users.

Facebook, which accounts for around 35 percent of all Internet visits each month, is being urged to give users complete privacy by making personal information invisible to other users by default.