Vacation for Teddy Bears

teddy-bearAnyone willing to dish out some money so that their teddy bear can go on a vacation on their own?

Teddy Tours Lapland, a Finnish company, is offering to bring anybody’s teddy bear for a trip to Finland‘s northern tourist spots. The trips cost 110 to 170 Euros (140 to 200 USD).

There will be two packages available. The first one, called “Standard Journey”, will have a visit to Santa Claus aside from the tourist spot trips. The toy will get a gift. A postcard, video and the holiday photos of the journey will be sent to its owner.

The other one, the “Luxury Journey” will include a trip to a reindeer farm to feed Santa’s reindeer, a snowmobile safari, ice fishing and a picnic on top of the standard journey.

The company will offer a teddy bear for a fee to anyone who will be willing to sponsor a teddy bear but doesn’t own one (or for that matter if they don’t want to part ways with their own teddy bears).

The trips are strictly for the teddy bears. “People or living pets may not participate on these trips,” the company warns.