VIDEO: The reason ‘Family Guy’ was banned in Venezuela


Is it just us, or is President Hugo Chavez getting a little extreme with the amount of stuff being prohibited in Venezuela?

Recently the Venezuelan government banned Coke Zero from the country and ordered Coca-Cola to remove the no-calorie soft drink from store shelves, claiming the beverage contains harmful ingredients.

Now, authorities plan to impose fines on TV companies that broadcast the animated comedy series “Family Guy,” because according to them, it advocates the use of marijuana.

The government cited an episode wherein Stewie Griffin, the youngest (and gay) child of Peter and Lois, and Brian, the family’s talking dog, started a campaign to legalize weed.

According to reports, the justice minister of Venezuela was outraged by the subject, and has ordered to ban the show nationwide and to fine those that do not comply.

Last year, “The Simpsons” was deemed unsuitable by officials who said it promoted “messages that go against the whole education of boys, girls and adolescents”.


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