Verizon Wireless to Refund Customers

Millions of Verizon Wireless customers will receive a refund for charges that resulted from accidental use of Web access and data usage, the company announced on Sunday.

In a statement, Verizon Wireless said cell phone customers who were charged for accidental Web and data access through their cell phones will get at least a $2 refund. The refund will be credited to either the customers’ October or November bill. The refund stemmed from complaints forwarded to the FCC over the past two years about $1.99 per megabyte data access fees that were charged to customers who did not have data usage plan.

The FCC had been investigating the issue and had asked Verizon Wireless to explain the overcharging. Verizon said the accidental Internet and data usage were caused by software built into the customers’ phones. “We have addressed these issues to avoid unintended data charges in the future,” Verizon said.

The FCC gave credit to Verizon for making the decision to correct the mistake. However, the FCC said Verizon must explain why it took them two years to compensate the affected customers.