Veteran Journalist and Enemy Number 17 Daniel Schorr Dead at 93

Veteran journalist and triple Emmy Award winner and number 17 on “Nixon’s Enemy List” Daniel Schorr died Friday, July 23, at a Washington hospital.

He is best remembered for covering world news for more than 60 years.

He began as a foreign newspaper correspondent in 1946. After that he was recruited to work for CBS in 1953. He was able to get a television interview with former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

At the height of the “Watergate Scandal”, Schorr was able to obtain a list, which is now known as “Nixon’s Enemy List” (original page three pictured). The journalist read the list out loud on national television and found himself surprised and stunned after finishing number sixteen. He said, “Number seventeen, Schorr, Daniel… a real media enemy.”

In 1979, he moved to fledging Cable News Network (CNN). He stayed there until 1985, when his contract was not renewed, one of the two times he stated that he was “fired”.

He transferred to National Public Radio (NPR) as a senior news analyst. He was still with NPR when he died. His last commentary for the station aired July 10.

He won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement within a Regularly Scheduled News Program three years in row from 1972 until 1974.