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Video: Amazing new robot shoots hoops, hits the bull’s eye, and makes us feel incompetent

16 February 2012 No Comment

Posted by Sherwin

Positive Pressure Universal Gripper

Robotics enthusiasts from Cornell University and the University of Chicago are proud to present a robot that can pick up objects and throw them without the need for complex hands.

Called the Positive Pressure Universal Gripper, the robotic arm can shoot hoops like a pro, toss bolts and springs into boxes, and play darts with extreme precision using a latex balloon filled with coffee grounds.

This balloon conforms to whatever object it touches. When the air is sucked out, a pinching effect occurs that uses friction to lift it up. The robot can then fire off the object by rapidly filling the balloon with air again.


Very impressive. But as a basketball fan, I’m a little scared by the potential of this machine.

[Hat tip to Techland]