American Idol: Jesse Langseth sings ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ (VIDEO)


Jesse Langseth sang “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes and I think she did a pretty good job.

The judges’ reviews were mixed though. Randy thought it was “okay” but wasn’t exciting. Kara said it was her best look and that she took some risks. Paula said that Jesse is captivating and identifiable.

It was an interesting song choice and I totally disagree with Simon who said she’s forgettable.

Mr. Cowell said the performance was “too cool for school, and I don’t see any reason why anyone is going to jump on the phone and vote for you.”

Jesse doesn’t have Kim’s raspy voice, but she’s got phrasing that plays the song’s enigma. She intrigues me and I want to see more of her.

Other highlights of the night came from Allison Iraheta (“Alone”), Kris Allen (“Man in the Mirror”) and Megan Corkrey (“Put Your Records On”).