Video: Jordanian politician pulls out a gun during live TV debate

MP Mohammad Shawabka

A television show in Jordan erupted into violence when a member of the Jordanian parliament pulled a gun on his critic during their live debate.

The pair were discussing issues related to the uprising in Syria, but as the argument intensified, they traded insults with each other: “You’re a Mossad agent”, said one. “You’re a big crook,” said the other.

MP Mohammad Shawabka criticized Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad and accused him of being “an agent of Syria”. In response, Murad accused Shawabka of being “an agent of the Israeli Mossad”. A brawl then erupted in the studio between the two, as the host tried to stop them. Shawabka threw one of his shoes at Murad before pulling out a silver pistol and pointing it at the political activist.