Video: Panasonic’s new robot can shampoo your hair and massage your scalp

Panasonic Head Care Robot

Panasonic recently demonstrated its Head Care Robot — a new machine that “offers a more satisfying and relaxing experience than a wash from a human.”

According to the electronics giant’s promo video, the robot, which is being developed for elderly and disabled, has sensors in each of its 24 artificial fingers. Eight of the fingers work the back of your neck while the rest rub your scalp.

Aside from shampooing your hair, the machine can also rinse it, apply a conditioner during the massage session, and even blow dry it off for good measure.

Check out Panasonic’s Head Care Robot in action:

There’s this cute girl in my favorite salon in downtown Manila who does a very relaxing neck and head massage (and sometimes more) every time she washes my hair. So why would I settle for a robot with 24 fingers that can just shampoo, condition and blow-dry my crowning glory? All I need is a gorgeous Asian chick in a sheer white top and a black bra who gives me the “extra”!