VIDEO: Teacher Crystal Defanti accidentally gives sex tape to 5th graders


A fifth-grade teacher in Northern California accidentally put pornography into a DVD that was meant to be filled with retrospective of the past school year. And she didn’t realize what she had done until the kids pressed play.

Teacher Crystal Defanti mistakenly added her sex tape onto a DVD that was sent home with students of Isabelle Jackson Elementary on the last day of school. The DVD starts with a menu screen where parents could see different shots of the school and the students. When one of the videos is clicked, it shows pupils clapping in the classroom, then cuts to Defanti. On the sofa. Naked. Having sex with her boyfriend.

According to CBS News, as soon as the teacher became aware of the mix-up, she called every parent crying and apologizing profusely, trying to prevent other kids from watching the sex tape.

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