Vietnam War genius Robert McNamara dies at 93


Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara, who was significantly more well-known for his work in the Vietnam War as the “Architect of Vietnam“, died early Monday morning of yet undisclosed causes. He was 93.

McNamara had also been the president of Ford Motor Company, and also of the World Bank on different occasions, aside from being designated as the Secretary of Defense under the presidential terms of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson. He also served under the positions of directors and consultants for various private and public organizations, and was also the go-to-guy for knowledge regarding nuclear arms.

McNamara was decorated by the multitude of his achievements in government and the academe, but his reputation is substantially marred by an almost exclusive impression of the Vietnam War on his persona. He was a significant key note figure, having been responsible for a large part of the war where the US failed to subdue an arguably weaker foe, essentially leading to the takeover of key allies in the process.

He had been critical in shaping some of the world’s nuclear arsenals and technology through the shaping of the United States’, during his keep in the Pentagon. McNamara served as Secretary of Defense longer than anyone else in US history.