Violence at the World Trade Organization Conference (Video)


Violence erupted in Geneva, Switzerland where the World Trade Organization (WTO) conference is being held. Windows of buildings and cars were burned at the wake of the protesters’ path. About 3,000 demonstrators joined what was supposed to be a “scheduled, peaceful protest.”

The demonstration began on Saturday at around 2:30 PM local time (8:30 AM EDT) where some people dressed in black used mallets to broke windows at the Credit Suisse and a Starbucks buildings. The activists believed that trade policies adapted by WTO create “poverty in rich and poor countries by squeezing farmers in developing countries and depressing labour standards in industrialised nations.”

Thirty-three people were arrested.

“The troublemakers quickly began attacking banks, hotels and shops, smashing windows and burning four cars, so we had to stop them using tear gas and rubber bullets,” police spokesman Patrick Puhl told CNN.

The theme of the three-day ministerial conference is “The WTO, the Multilateral Trading System and the Current Global Economic Environment.”