Volt Tagged at $41,000

Carmaker General Motors (GM) is putting a $41,000 price tag on the Chevrolet Volt.

The Volt is a plug-in car capable of driving about 40 miles at a time on battery power without the need to use gasoline.

According to the people from GM on Tuesday, the Volt will also be leased as $350 a month for consumers who want to own the car at lower monthly payments. At $41,000, though, the Volt is more expensive than the Nissan Leaf. Nissan Leaf is a pure electric car priced at $32,780.

GM insisted, however, that their product is of better quality.

Since the Volt was introduced as a concept more than three years ago, the price for the car has been kept a secret by GM.

“You can drive it cross country, and our competition can’t do that,” Joel Ewanick, G.M.’s vice president for United States marketing, said.

According to reports by the New York Times, both GM and Nissan are “counting on the government’s $7,500 tax credit for plug-in cars to go a long way toward making their vehicles more affordable.”