Wal-Mart worker killed in Black Friday stampede

A 34-year-old Wal-Mart employee died Friday morning after being trampled by bargain-hungry shoppers in the rush to grab some great deals. Several other shoppers were injured during the incident, and the store was closed by authorities.

walmart stampede

The worker was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead at about 6 a.m., Nassau County police said. The exact cause of death had not been determined, and the man’s name was not released.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in Bentonville, Ark., called the incident a “tragic situation” and said the employee came from a temporary agency and was doing maintenance work at the store.

About 2,000 people had gathered outside the store as it prepared to open, Newsday reported, citing police Detective Lieutenant Michael Fleming, who spoke at a briefing. Shoppers in the back of the line pushed those in the front into the doors, which then came off their hinges, the newspaper said.

“This crowd was out of control,” said Fleming, who is investigating the death. He characterized the melee as “utter chaos.”

Hundreds of shoppers who then streamed in literally stepped on the worker who later died, he added.

Police said four other people were hurt in the trample, including a 28-year-old pregnant woman. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors said her baby was fine.

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This story is dreadful! They should not have these types of sales anymore. It was really a Black Friday for all the victims.

Photo: AP