WalMart Offers iPhone 3GS 16GB for 99 USD

apple-iphoneStarting Tuesday, May 25, retailer Walmart will be offering the lower specs of iPhone 3GS at 100 USD less than the original price.

The 16 GB version of the popular phone is currently tagged at 199 USD.

Rumors have it that Apple will discontinue the iPhone 3G model. This is parallel with the upcoming release of iPhone OS 4.0 where some features will not be available for the 3G model. The timing is also parallel with the scheduled World Wide Developers Conference on June 7.

It was summer last year when iPhone 3GS was released. The price of iPhone 3G was slashed back then to 99 USD. It seems like that is a pattern.

However, even with the new price of iPhone 3GS, Walmart will still require a two year contract with carrier AT&T when purchasing a unit.

“It is our commitment to always lead on price,” Walmart director Mahrdad Akbar said after the announcement was made.