Barbara Walters’ Ten Most Fascinating People of 2009


Barbara Walters presented her Most Fascinating People of 2009. The list includes singers Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert and reality star Kate Gosselin. The top spot went to First Lady Michelle Obama.

The first lady admitted on enjoying lazy days and watching “really bad TV” with the family dog, Bo. The journalist could not help ask her on “how she got her sought-after arms?” Mrs. Obama laughed not believing that Walters would want to talk about her arms.

“Why would you want to talk about my arms?’ she answered while sporting a sleeveless dress for the interview.

Meanwhile, Walters went straight into asking American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert regarding his American Music Awards performance. “You were too lewd to be on the show,” she said, “what effect is this going to have on your career?”

He also answered straight, “I’m not sure.” His sales are down 74% just after one week.

The rest of the list:

1. Lady Gaga
2. Glenn Beck
3. Tyler Perry
4. Kate Gosselin
5. Adam Lambert
6. Sarah Palin
7. Brett Favre
8. Jenny Sanford
9. Michael Jackson’s three children
10. Michelle Obama