Warner Bros. Wages War Against Condom Maker over “Harry Potter”

Warner Bros. has declared a courtroom war against a condom maker, which the giant studio believes is trying to cash in on the popularity of the “Harry Potter” fictional character.

A rep for Warner Bros. confirmed that the American studio has indeed filed a motion to cancel the trademark awarded in Switzerland to a condom product called “Harry Popper.” Warner is suing the condom maker, Magic X, for copyright infringement of the “Harry Potter” character. A lawyer for the Hollywood studio was quoted by the U.K.’s Telegraph as saying that “everyone who sees the condoms automatically thinks of Harry Potter.”

The package for “Harry Popper” shows a condom caricature with round-rimmed eye glasses, which have been the signature eye wear of actor Daniel Radcliffe in the “Harry Potter” movies. The “Harry Popper” condom is also seen holding a stick that resembles a magic wand.

However, a lawyer for Magic X says that “Harry Popper” has “nothing to do with Harry Potter.”

Warner has already blocked the use of the “Harry Popper” name in Germany and Austria. The decision of the Cantonal Court in Schwyz on Warner’s petition to cancel the “Harry Popper” name, which has been registered with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property since 2006, will be known in the next several weeks.