WATCH: Banned YSL fragrance ad

Banned YSL Perfume Belle D'Opium

Aside from the French voice over at the end, this is my kind of perfume commercial. Unfortunately, this latest ad from Yves St Laurent has been banned from British television because the country’s advertising watchdog determined “the woman’s actions simulated drug use, and therefore concluded it was irresponsible and unacceptable for broadcast.”

The video shows French actress Melanie Thierry dancing to the beat of a drum, during which she points to her inner elbow and runs her finger along the inside of her forearm. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the suggestive movements of Thierry “could be seen to simulate the injection of opiates into the body”. In addition the later scene, which included the woman seizing upwards while lying on the floor, could be seen to “simulate the effect of drugs on the body”.

YSL, however, claims it didn’t intend to use drug imagery. The company said: “The average consumer would see the ad as an artistic endeavour to promote a sensual fragrance by YSL, and that it was therefore unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence to most viewers.”

VIDEO: Yves Saint Laurent’s Belle D’Opium Commercial

Voice-over translation: ‘I am your addiction, I am Belle D’Opium. The new fragrance by Yves St Laurent.’

Do you think this fragrance ad went too far?