Watch Olympic Ice Hockey Finals Live: USA vs. Canada (UPDATED)

USA vs Canada hockey finals live streamUSA vs. Canada Finals Live Stream: The time has come for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Men’s Ice Hockey gold medal game between USA and Canada. The game starts 12:15 p.m PST on Sunday at Canada Hockey Place.

Sunday’s ice hockey finals will renew the rivalry of USA and Canada as National Hockey League players will fight against each another. The Canadians booked a place in the finals after beating Slovakia 3-2 in the semis while the Americans held Finland with just one goal (6-1) in their semifinal clash to face the host country again for the gold medal feat.

People are anticipating this game very highly including the players of both teams.
“It will be huge,” said US forward Patrick Kane. “That’s what everybody wants to see.”

USA pulled an upset over Canada in their first meeting in Vancouver with a 5-3 win. This game however will be much more exciting because of the gold medal at stake. Canada will definitely want to get their revenge while USA will target for a repeat performance.

Olympic Winter Games - Hockey Mens - USA vs Canada

“It’s a pretty great rivalry game,” Canada star Sidney Crosby said. “The first game was very intense. I expect it at the same level if not more because we’re playing for a gold medal.”

The Canadians took the gold in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics over the United States in the finals and would definitely want to repeat that on Sunday in their home country.

UPDATE: Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in overtime as Canada won the Olympic title, beating USA 3-2 to fulfill the dreams of an entire hockey-crazed nation. You can watch the game highlights here.