WEC 48: Aldo Dominates Faber to Keep Title

World Extreme Cagefighting featherweight champion Jose Aldo raised his winning streak to ten and more importantly defended his title by peppering former champion Urijah Faber with timely hits en route to a unanimous decision victory in WEC 48 at the Arco Arena in Sacramento.

Aldo’s kicks were on target the whole night that Faber had to be carried to his corner at one point in the match. Aldo, who had won all his previous WEC fights by knockout, almost maintained that streak when he had Faber in trouble in the fourth round. Aldo dropped Faber with a strong leg kick before raining punches and elbows on the hapless former champion.

With victory already in the bag save for a lucky strike that never came from Faber, Aldo took it easy until the final bell, with a right hook to the body that had his opponent reeling the only highlight of the fifth round. Aldo is now 7-0 in his WEC career while Faber dropped to 8-3.