Why Half of All Mobile Owners Are Living with a Broken Phone

phone-damageAccording to a new study, half of the mobile phones that are registered as being active are broken. Owners are choosing to deal with a broken phone, rather than sending it off for repair. Why? Because smartphones can be notoriously expensive to repair. The study is here.

Cracks most common form of damage
The most common form of damage mobile owners live with is cracks in the screen. Most are caused by dropping the phone on the floor, while others are caused by kids. Whatever the reason for the breakage, putting up with the crack rather than getting it fixed or replaced seems like a more affordable option. After all it can cost close to £150 just to get a screen repaired.

However, did you know that there is a cheaper option available? There are companies out there that provide affordable repair costs such as LoveFone. Not only are they great value for money, but they will also typically take care of the repairs within one working day.

Mobile insurance issues
Another reason people tend to live with a broken phone is because their mobile insurance doesn’t cover the repairs. This is sadly a common occurrence. There are so many different loopholes associated with mobile insurance that it’s easy for insurers to wriggle out of paying. It is so important to read through all of the small print before you take on any mobile insurance. That way you will know exactly what the policy will pay out and what the excess will be.

Looking after your Smartphone to prevent damage
Of course, the best way to avoid repairs is to make sure you look after your phone. While you can’t always prevent something going wrong, it is possible to minimize the risks. Investing in a screen protector or case is a good idea. It may make the phone slightly bulkier, but it will also help stop the screen from cracking if it does take the odd knock.

Something you don’t always think about is water damage. Unfortunately this is something that many mobile insurance policies don’t cover. Did you know that you can cause water damage simply by touching the phone with wet hands? The touchscreen feature is extremely sensitive and it will cause problems where the phone could even stop working completely.

You should also pay attention to the way in which you hold the phone. The majority of people who drop their phone do so while it is in their hands. Always ensure you have a good solid grip and be mindful of how you are using it.

Overall it’s easy to see why mobile owners choose to put up with a broken phone rather than getting it fixed. The costs involved can sometimes amount to more than the phone is actually worth. However, there are some companies out there that specialize in affordable repairs. You can also follow the tips above to prevent damage in the first place.