Why the Promotional Pen Is Still So Doggone Effective

pensSwag is a very effective marketing tool that comes in all shapes and sizes. From T-shirts and hats to iPhone cases and water bottles, anything that has a printable surface can become a promotional item. While swag trends come and go (remember mouse pads?) there is one swag heavy-weight that seems never to go out of fashion, and that’s the promotional pen.

If you’re on the hunt for logo bic pens online, you know that using promotional pens as a part of your business’s advertising efforts is a smart move. In general, swag is highly effective in the realm of influencing consumer behavior — more so than television, radio, print and online advertising — and customizable pens are the cream of the crop. Regardless of what you sell, it’s almost certain that a promotional pen can assist you in that endeavor. Here are some of the reasons why the customized pen continues to be such an effective marketing tool — even in the Internet Age.

The Usability Factor
When was the last time you used a pen? Chances are: you’ve already used one today, and if you haven’t yet, you will. From signing credit card slips and checks to writing out shopping lists or pausing to reflect in a journal, the pen has still not been replaced in an increasingly digitized world, and its tactile usefulness suggests that it’s unlikely it ever will be. Most of us use pens in a regular enough way that little thought is placed upon their use and usefulness, which, from an advertising perspective, is actually ideal. Pen use is a common part of common life, and when pens have your business, logo, product or service emblazoned across them, awareness of your business, logo, product or service have a chance to become a common part of common life as well. Additionally, people — even on a subconscious level — are grateful they’ve been given an item of such utilitarian value. According to promotional product guru Jerry McLaughlin this gratitude also lays the groundwork for why people who receive promotional products eventually reciprocate with a purchase.

The Size Factor
A pen slides easily into the hand, pocket, diaper bag, lunch pail or purse. Its size makes it an ideal messenger for your brand and product, and pens can carry a surprising amount of content on them. Logos, websites, messages, coupon codes, store hours, addresses, phone numbers, The Declaration of Independence — it’s amazing the amount and kind of information you can fit on something that most people can fit inside their pockets.

Brand Awareness Builds and Builds
Unlike more traditional forms of advertising that, once they are viewed, read or heard, simply disappear from the consumer’s mind, the promotional pen, because of its usefulness and size, is highly effective at increasing brand awareness over time. Whenever a customer or potential customer makes use of your promotional pen, she has your brand, product or service reinforced in her mind, and because that reinforcement is accompanied by the usefulness of the promotional product, the brand awareness that pen is building on your behalf is overwhelmingly positive.

They Get Passed Along
Positive word-of-mouth advertising is some of the most effective advertising that takes place, but it’s largely out of the control of an advertising team or business owner to produce it because it depends solely upon the consumer’s use of a product or service and compulsion to tell his friends, co-workers and family about it. While a promotional pen isn’t in the same category as the much-coveted word-of-mouth advertising, it shares one important overlapping feature: When a promotional pen is passed along from the original recipient to someone else, it is usually in a non-commercial environment, so that the pen — and its message — are travelling from one person to another without the advertiser in the mix. This type of advertising lends an air of validity to the message and the business.

They’re Inexpensive
Promotional pens are not costly for businesses to make. For as little as a dime per pen, you can get your message or logo emblazoned across the side of a little billboard that will work mightily on behalf of your business or organization. The cost of other forms of advertising is relatively much higher — especially when the ROI is part of the overall picture.

There’s a good reason promotional pens are utilized so regularly in marketing — they work. From the positive feelings their usefulness engenders in their recipients to the brand building that they accomplish over time, few marketing tools are as effective as a simple promotional pen.