WikiLeaks Founder Offered Ecuadorian Residency

Julian AssangeOne of the countries in South America which has been critical of the United States policy offered residency to the founder of the whistle blower website that leaked about 250,000 classified documents.

Ecuador has offered residency to Julian Assange, 39, founder of WikiLeaks.

“We are inviting him to give conferences and, if he wants, we have offered him Ecuadorean residency,” said Kintto Lucas, the Deputy Foreign Minister.

Assange was assured that he could accept the offer “without any kind of trouble and without any kind of conditions.”

At the same time, Interpol, has put the founder in its wanted list for “sex crimes” in Sweden.

Two different women from that country claimed rape allegations against Assange last August, something that he denied previously and described as a conspiracy against him.

The current location of Assange is unknown. Some reports said that he s moving from country to country while some says he is currently in the United Kingdom.