Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology from editing entries


Wikipedia has banned the Church of Scientology from editing its own information on the site after the group allegedly posted content pushing its agenda. The story was first reported by British tech blog The Register.

The online encyclopedia’s administrators found that Scientology computers had been repeatedly changing more than 400 pages related to the Church, removing online information critical of the organization and adding positive ones.

Wikipedia usually allows contributions from anyone. But its editorial encourages a “neutral point of view”.

Many individuals are banned from the site for adding propaganda or false accusations but this is the first instance in which the online encyclopedia has blocked a group as large as the Church of Scientology.

In a 10-1 ruling Thursday, Wikipedia’s arbitration council voted to ban users coming from all IP addresses owned by the church and its members, and further banned a number of editors by name.

They said that the very topic of Scientology “has become a magnet for single purpose accounts, and sockpuppetry is rife.”

Scientology is a 55-year-old religion founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Will Smith are among its famous members.

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