‘Wipeout’ Contestant Tom Sparks Dies

Wipeout-Death-contestant-tom-sparksNewlywed and recent college grad Tom Sparks died of stroke two weeks after he pulled out from reality game show Wipeout.

The 33-year-old was participating in the first segment of an obstacle course Oct. 19 when he complained of knee pain, according to Endemol. The show’s medics checked him and found that he was having shortness of breath. He was then transferred to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, where multiple brain surgeries failed to save his life.

Wipeout’s format is composed of four obstacles with the first and fourth having four sections. Contestants undergo medical examinations before being cleared to participate in the show.

Tom’s father said that his son had a rare clotting disorder which may have caused his death. The family has not contacted Endemol yet.

Wipeout has current and upcoming versions in almost 20 countries like the U.S., Australia, Denmark, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Israel and the Philippines.

Among Endemol’s franchises are Big Brother, Star Academy, Deal or No Deal, Fear Factor and 1 VS 100.