Wireless Electricity?


Telephones, laptops, cellphones, refrigerators, printers, microwave ovens, etc…these gadgets are all run by electricity, wired electricity. Yes, we need to plug them into the wall sockets for them to work. Problem is however, more often than not, wires and cords get tangled creating a messy mess! We can solve this by untangling them and arranging them neatly but tomorrow you’ll see all your hard work gone as the cords get tangled all over again.

Here comes wireless electricity to the rescue. According to Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity, a company that’s able to power light bulbs using wireless electricity that travels several feet from a power socket, wireless electricity is here and will become commercially known in the very near future.

“Five years from now, this will seem completely normal,” he said.

That is exciting news for all of us! Especially for those wanting to own electric or hybrid cars. We definitely look cool owning one but do you really want to plug your car into the electric socket? I thought so too.