Woman claims she is Michael Jackson’s “lovechild”

A woman who is the supposed niece of Diana Ross is claiming that she is Michael Jackson‘s lovechild.

Moncienne Petit Jackson, a woman living in the Netherlands, has filed with the L.A. County Superior Court a case claiming that she is a child of Michael Jackson. She wants to have a part of the inheritance of the King of Pop as well as the legal custody of Michael’s children.

Celebrity news source TMZ.com states that Moncienne was allegedly kidnapped and sent to Belgium as a plan to protect Michael Jackson’s reputation. She said she was conceived back when Michael was just 17 years old. Her mother is Barbara Ross–Diana Ross’ sister.

She alleges that she is also diagnosed with Vitiligo, just like Michael.

Moncienne’s case is also coupled with a request to conduct a DNA Paternity Test.