Woman Claims Undergoing Sex Change to Use Boyfriend’s Ski Pass

A woman in an effort to save some money used her boyfriend’s ski pass and claimed that she is in the middle of a sex operation to pass through Keystone Resort, Colorado, the Summit Daily News reports.keystone-colorado-sign-night

The story starts when a woman tried to use a ski pass with a man’s name. The name used for the report is Daniel. Asked why she was presenting a male’s ski pass, she replied that she is in the middle of a sex change operation. She had difficulty answering when asked for birthdate and middle name. She can no longer give any other details after that.

She then claimed that her parents knew about the sex change. When asked for the number of Daniel’s parents, she gave them the digits. The resort official called the number and Daniel’s father answered who was “shocked” to know that his son is undergoing such operations.

The ski pass was then verified. A phone number belonging to Daniel was learned from the file. A call with Daniel yield that he has lent the ski pass to his girlfriend. The name used for the girlfriend is Wanda.

After Daniel and Wanda had a conversation over the phone, she was arrested and booked on charges for theft with a fine of $500 and criminal impersonation.