Sudanese woman guilty of wearing trousers, sent to prison


A Sudanese woman was convicted Monday of public indecency for wearing pants at a restaurant and jailed for one month for refusing to pay a court-ordered fine.

Lubna Hussein, a journalist who had recently worked for the U.N., could have been subjected to 40 lashes under Sudan‘s criminal code. The threat of lashes was dropped when a court found her guilty but ordered instead that she pay a $200 fine.

According to TV reports, Hussein was taken to a women’s prison when she refused to pay the said amount.

She was among 13 women arrested for wearing trousers on July 3 in a raid by the public order police. Ten of the women were fined and flogged two days later.

The trial was cited by many Sudanese women as proof of unjust treatment in a nation where the courts normally apply Islamic Sharia law.