Woman, Locked Up in Plane, Sues Airline

A woman who overslept during a flight from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia apparently did not enjoy her extra four hours inside the United Airlines plane. Ginger McGuire said she is suing the airline for locking her up inside the plane for four hours. The 36-year-old woman is accusing United of false imprisonment, among other charges.

McGuire, who flew United’s late-night flight, fell asleep inside the plane, which landed around 12:27am at the Philadelphia International Airport. Tired from the trip, McGuire failed to wake up as the rest of the passengers disembarked the plane. She did not wake up until a cleaning crew roused her from her deep slumber. However, she was not allowed to immediately leave the airplane. McGuire claims that she was made to stay inside the aircraft for four hours as federal agents verified her identity to ensure that she was not a terrorist.

McGuire has hired high-profile lawyer Geoffrey Fieger to carry the cudgels in what could be a long battle with United. Fieger is famous for having euthanasia practitioner Jack Kevorkian. United spokeswoman Sarah Massier said the airline will “investigate the cause and remedy the situation with the customer.”