Woods Ridiculed at Masters; Garners Personal Record

Number 1 golf player Tiger Woods returned to professional play Thursday, April 8 at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia.Tiger Woods

And yes, he got a long sustained applause when he finally entered the fairways to tee off. The crowd waited long for him as he was in the second to the last group to play.

But that did not stop anyone who has plans to ruin his day.

An airplane flew over the fields with a banner saying: “Tiger: Did you mean bootyism?” which may viewed as a ridicule to his public apology last month when he said that he has gotten away from “my Buddhism”.

Then another plane followed later this time with a banner indicating: “Sex addict? Yeah. Right. Me Too!!”

Whether Woods has seen them or not is not apparent as he was seen to be focusing in the game. In fact he even shot a sub-70 in the first round, the first in his career.