Woodstock 2009 may not happen


As Woodstock’s 40th anniversary approaches, rumors are flying that another birthday concert is in the works. But, according to Joel Rosenman, one of the original event’s producers, the show is very far away from being booked and may not even happen this year.

“It may not be the year for Woodstock,” he told Rolling Stone. “We’ve had some very encouraging news about this year in the past few weeks, but we don’t know for sure. We’re not going to let some technical number, some digit, determine when the next Woodstock is. We’re going to let something bigger than that determine it.”

Rosenman said there were big plans for multiple Woodstocks all across the world last year, but the recession has prevented the spectacle from happening.

Unlike the 1999 version of the fest (best remembered for reports of violence, rape, fires, and an abrupt closing down of the show), producers this year were hoping to return to the original spirit of the event , with acts like the Who, Crosby Stills & Nash and Joe Cocker.

I can’t wait for another Woodstock. Let’s hope that the promoters could pull in enough sponsors for this grand event to materialize.