World’s Tallest Building Opens in Dubai

Deeply indebted and financially troubled emirate Dubai will open to the public the world’s tallest building, Burj Dubai, Monday, January 4.burj-dubai

The tallest man-made structure stands at 818 meters tall (2,684 ft). That’s more than 300 meters higher than second place Taipei 101, and more than twice higher than the Empire State Building (381 meters). Petronas Tower is now at 5th with 452 meters.

The spire of Burj Dubai can be seen from as far as 95 kms away. Its exterior is covered entirely with 26,000 glass panels making it sparkle in the midday desert sun. It stands in the 2 square kilometer flagship development area called Downtown Burj Dubai. This made the construction of the building a technologically and logistically challenging project as it will have to stand against Dubai’s high winds and geographical fault lines.

Dubai is known for excessive project spending and record breaking attempts by developing audacious man-made, commercial, residential offshore islands, rotating buildings and a seven-star hotels. It hit the news last November when one of its largest conglomerates searched for a debt standstill sending shockwaves across world stocks.

The opening of Burj Dubai is now seen as a positive start after the 2009 problems that the emirate encountered.